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Bottlebrush (Callistemon)

Botanical Information:

Family: Myrtaceae
Genus: Callistemon

Meaning of name:
Callistemon is from Greek: kallistos, most beautiful + stemon, stamen

There are 40 species belonging to the Callistemon genus, though some may yet be reclassified as belonging to the Melaleuca genus, as both plant types have the distinctive ‘bottlebrush’ shaped flower spikes.

Most bottlebrushes are found in the east and south-east of Australia, but can be found in all States of Australia. There are two species in south-western Western Australia and four in New Caledonia. Callistemon are widely cultivated throughout Australia and are popular garden and street trees. The flowers form in spring and summer and attract many nectar-feeding birds.

Depending on the species, Callistemon flowers can be:
  • pale yellow or lemon such as Callistemon pallidus (Lemon Bottlebrush) or Callistemon formosus (Kingaroy Bottlebrush),
  • yellow such as Callistemon pityoides (Alpine Bottlebrush)
  • pink such as Callistemon salignus (Willow Bottlebrush)
  • mauve such as Callistemon salignus (Willow Bottlebrush)
  • red such as Callistemon viminalis (Weeping Bottlebrush), Callistemon citrinus (Crimson Bottlebrush) or Callistemon subulatus
  • red tipped with masses of yellow pollen to create a bright yellow flush, such as Callistemon brachyandrus (Prickly Bottlebrush)
Some species are ground hugging and reach no more than 0.5m (1.6 ft) tall. Others can reach 15m (49 ft).

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