Australian Botanical prints by artist Maurice Hayler, designed to endure.
Each print carries the artist’s signature and is stamp-embossed for authentication.
Our art is printed with care on Hahnemühle fine art archival paper with archival Epson UltraChrome pigment inks, good for at least 75 years. View all print and mat sizes here.

Please Note: that all orders typically leave within one to two business days.
We can (and do) process urgent and express orders on request.

We offer several sizes of prints, with or without mats. A side-by-side comparison of all is below (click to enlarge in new window), with more detail of each further down.

We keep to standard paper and photo sizes with one exception: our 8″ × 10″ prints in 12″ × 14″ mats. (We explain why further down.)

Please note that the A3 and A3+ sizes are not yet available. We will be releasing these individually over time — please get in touch if you’d like a particular flower, and we will prioritise that for you.

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5″ × 7″ Print
 × 178mm)

This is a standard photo size and the smallest print we offer. Place inside a self-standing frame for a subtle highlight on a table, desk or shelf. Or dress a narrow space, as was done on this thin strip of wall with two banksias in matching frames (at top is 148 Heath Banksia and underneath is 154 Ashby’s Banksia):

We offer discounted diptych and triptych sets designed to go together should you be be after more than one!

5″ × 7″ Print in an 8″ × 10″ Off-White Mat
Mat Width: 40mm all sides
Overall Dimensions: 123mm
 × 174mm window, 203mm × 254mm outer size

This is the same print as above, complemented by an 8″ × 10″ off-white mat and mounted on 3mm foam board ready to place in a very popular and easy to source standard frame size. This size is a good all-rounder, functioning equally well as a self-standing item on a piece of furniture or hung on a wall. Two or more of this size when hung together can really highlight a space.

Our ready-to-frame gift range features this item, which has proven popular with people looking for quality and unique Australiana pieces to gift visitors or to send overseas. (Australiana pieces actually made here in Australia!) Each matted print comes in a sealed protective plastic sleeve that catches the light just so and adds to the gift-giving experience. Their small, flat lightweight nature makes them ideal for posting overseas or carrying in luggage too.

8″ × 10″ Print
203mm × 254mm)

Our next size up, and the same outer size as the 5″ × 7″ matted print above. This is a very popular photo size with many pre-made frames to choose from. Some people choose this looking to fill an existing 8″ × 10″ frame, while others like to gift a larger print for the recipient to frame as they choose. Many people purchase one or two prints of this size so as to custom-frame a good-sized wall feature with colours and frames that match their décor.

A4 Print
 × 297mm)

Just a touch wider than an 8″ × 10″ print, but noticeably deeper. This is a standard paper size rather than a photo size, and as many certificates are this size there is no shortage of premade A4 frames to choose from.

It’s a personal choice as to whether you prefer these dimensions to the more squat 8″ × 10″ size above, or vice versa. However, people looking to custom-frame to match their décor may prefer the extra length A4 provides over the 8″ × 10″ if they need to fill a deeper amount of wall.

8″ × 10″ Print in a 12″ × 14″ Off-White Mat
Mat Width: 55mm top and sides, 60mm bottom-weighted
Overall Dimensions: 195mm
 × 241mm window, 305mm × 356mm outer size
Please note this is a non-standard size

The 8″ × 10″ size is a standard photo size, but it will be hard to find an off-the-shelf 12″ × 14″ frame for the mat.

11″ × 14″ is a common photo and frame size, so why didn’t we simply work to that? As you’ll see from the pictures on this page, our mats are the same dimensions top and sides, with extra weighting on the bottom of the larger ones. (This is a classic framing technique to provide balance when viewed on a wall.)

An off-the-shelf 11″ × 14″ frame will invariably have a mat thinner on the sides than on the top and bottom, and we don’t like the proportions as much. By way of example, at right is a representative 8″ × 10″ print in an 11″ × 14″ mat , just to show visually how the mat will be considerably thinner on the sides than the top and bottom. We cannot make an even-top-and-sides mat to fit this sized frame without an excessive amount of bottom weighting, or considerably reducing the size of the image.

If you do like the proportions of an 11″ × 14″ mat  and frame, and/or have an existing frame and mat to fill, by all means please purchase a flat 8″ × 10″ print to place inside. Otherwise if you go with the 12″ × 14″ mat there’s a good chance you will need custom framing. If you’d rather use a pre-made frame, but like the size and style of our 8″ × 10″ print with a 12″ × 14″ mat, please consider the longer A4 in a 12″ × 16″ mat option instead (below).

As with our 5″ × 7″ matted prints, these too come on 3mm foam board ready to frame, and are supplied in a protective plastic sleeve.

We are also more than happy to supply an 11″ × 14″ mat — or any other size for any sized print — you only need ask!

A4 Print in a 12″ × 16″ Off-White Mat
Mat Width: 55mm top and sides, 60mm bottom-weighted
Overall Dimensions: 195mm × 291mm window, 305mm × 406mm outer size

This mat is the same width as the 12″ × 14″ mat above, but much deeper so as to accommodate an A4 print without compromising on overall balance. One advantage is that the outside dimensions of 12″ × 16″ is a standard photo size with pre-made frames available. Of course this can be custom-framed if preferred. In fact, if you prefer the more squat dimensions of the 8″ × 10″ print in a 12″ × 14″ mat, and intend to custom-frame regardless, please choose that option over this one.