Australian Botanical prints by artist Maurice Hayler, designed to endure.
Each print carries the artist’s signature and is stamp-embossed for authentication.
Our art is printed with care on Hahnemühle fine art archival paper with archival Epson UltraChrome pigment inks, good for at least 75 years. View all print and mat sizes here.

Please Note: that all orders typically leave within one to two business days.
We can (and do) process urgent and express orders on request.

Please read this section if you plan to receive prints from us to rewrap and on-send to others as gifts.

It may shock you to discover that packages in sorting warehouses aren’t handled manually by Australia Post staff. Packages are sorted and moved along a conveyor belt before dropping into a one metre deep container. The largest weight allowed per package is 22kg — could you imagine that landing on an unprotected and fragile item from a height, especially if your item happened to be at the bottom of that container? A single wrap of bubblewrap simply will not be enough protection.

Please please please bear this in mind if you ever intend to post prints yourself.

Unmatted prints need to go in sturdy and thick cardboard envelopes at a minimum, and preferably of a size large enough to handle a knock or drop on a corner without damaging the contents.

Matted prints are best wrapped in bubble wrap or similar shock absorbing material, then placed in sturdy cardboard that protrudes on all sides. For good measure we go a step further and wrap all this in still more bubble wrap. Whilst still lightweight, this of course adds both to the final dimensions and weight and may be enough to tip your parcel into the next, more expensive postage category. We strongly believe that the peace of mind from knowing a package is well wrapped is well worth the extra cost!

Another thing to note is that the insurance option Australia Post offers does not cover you for damage. Only loss of your package is covered.

We fully understand why people would like to take delivery of prints themselves before giving them as gifts — especially if they will be hand-delivered. However, should prints be long-distance gifts, please do consider our gift-wrapping option. We are more than happy to gift wrap prints on your behalf before the bubble wrap-cardboard-bubble wrap stage, and can even include a personalised note or card, either written on your behalf, or, if enough time has been allowed, sent by you to us for inclusion. We will never include promotional material or anything that links gift-wrapped items back to us — we can put your return address on the package if you so wish!